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Reprocessing & Re-consolidation Theory® (R2T) has been developed by Dr. Earl Grey from the current science of how the brain works using neuro-chemistry, neuro-biology, neuro-physiology, neuro-anatomy, and neuro-psychology.

Reprocessing & Re-consolidation Theory® explains:

  1. How the brain processes information
  2. How personality develops through information processing
  3. How the brain reacts, responds, stores, and manages all human experiences
  4. How to propel human change

The tenets of Reprocessing & Re-consolidation Theory® assist the therapeutic community to explain WHY people develop challenges, obstacles, and issues to you as a client. Reprocessing Therapy® informs the therapeutic community on HOW to help a you recover from your challenges, obstacles, and issues in the most effective and timely way. If you would like more information about Reprocessing Theory®, please contact us.

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